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StoreHub Loyalty vs Eber: Which is better for your restaurant?

A Malaysian restaurant owner serving coffee to his customer

As a restaurant owner, you’ve probably encountered these loyalty programmes: StoreHub Loyalty and Eber.

Both are well-known (and loved) by restaurant owners in Malaysia, especially in Klang Valley, Penang, and Johor. 

But which one is better for your restaurant? 

In this article, we break down the features, pricing, and benefits of these two loyalty programmes to help you find the best one for retaining your loyal customers.

What is Eber?

The Eber dashboard

Eber is a customer engagement platform that focuses on assisting businesses in keeping customers. They offer different features such as loyalty programmes, marketing campaigns, and analytics.

What is StoreHub Loyalty?

A Malaysian restaurant owner with the StoreHub POS

StoreHub Loyalty is a powerful and seamless loyalty programme that’s integrated with your StoreHub point-of-sale (POS) system. It lets you easily reward customers with online promotions and cashback to keep them coming back and spending with your restaurant.

It also includes StoreHub Engage: an automated SMS Marketing tool that lets you send personalised and targeted SMS to drive repeat sales.

It only takes less than a minute to set up the following campaigns: 

  • Cashback Reminders: remind customers to redeem their cashback.
  • Birthday Promotions: make customers feel special on their birthday by gifting them with a voucher!
  • Win Back Lost Customers: automatically send an SMS to customers who haven’t visited your store in a while.
  • Custom Campaigns: got a new menu or promo coming up soon? Let your customers know by sending them a personalised SMS.

StoreHub Loyalty vs Eber: Main Comparison

Here’s a clearer comparison between StoreHub Loyalty and Eber.

StoreHub LoyaltyEber
Main functions– Reward your customers with store credit, cashback, or free gifts – whatever you choose, you can easily customise your promotions to suit what you and your customers need
– Simplify the redemption process for your customers by letting them redeem rewards using their mobile phones
– Building and growing your customer database is easy and automated
StoreHub Engage: send personalised and automated SMSes to your customers to keep them coming back
– Reward customers through different kinds of mechanics; including multiple forms of rewards (e.g. gift cards, vouchers), memberships, and points
– Send automated SMS and emails that encourage customers to return and utilise their rewards
PricingPOS Plans:
Starter Plan: RM108 per month (billed annually)
Advanced Plan: RM208 per month (billed annually)
Pro Plan: RM416 per month (billed annually)

StoreHub Engage: RM990/year for unlimited SMS at RM0.15 per SMS
Lite Plan: RM330 per month (billed annually)
Standard Plan: RM1,430 per month (billed annually)
Scale Plan: RM4,779 per month (billed annually)
Enterprise Plan: RM 16,744 per month (billed annually)
POS IntegrationYes

StoreHub Loyalty is fully integrated with the StoreHub POS.

But Eber needs to be integrated with another provider’s POS. They have no native POS of their own.

Easy-to-use: StoreHub Loyalty vs Eber

Running a loyalty programme shouldn’t be a hassle.

That’s why StoreHub Loyalty seamlessly integrates with your StoreHub POS, eliminating the need for additional subscriptions, installations, or extra staff. This integration ensures your customers will return quickly and frequently.

You can customise and offer cashback and store credit using your StoreHub POS while your customers can easily claim their rewards by scanning with their mobile phones.

It’s that simple.

And when they haven’t claimed their cashback or visited your restaurant in a while, you can send automated and targeted SMSes using StoreHub Engage to remind them to come back.

Watch this quick video to learn how Sugar And I, a multi-store dessert café in the Klang Valley used StoreHub Engage to grow their profits during tough times:

While Eber is integrated with other POS systems, this means that you’re only limited to certain POS systems to fully use Eber’s features.

Collecting customer data: StoreHub Loyalty vs Eber

A Malaysian restaurant customer texting on her phone

Collecting customer data can be a daunting and time-consuming task.

No matter how busy it is, your staff has to make time to ask customers for their contact numbers and emails. And most of the time, customers aren’t willing or are too much in a rush to manually write their information down.

StoreHub Loyalty makes it easier than ever to collect customer data.

You can gather it through different ways such as online ordering, QR Order & Pay, and cashback. And if your customer chooses to pay later at the counter, you can collect data as they scan the QR Code on your POS display.

The best part? All customer data is synced and integrated with your StoreHub POS so you can access it alongside your sales reports and analytics in just one platform, anytime and anywhere.

Summary: which is better for your restaurant – StoreHub Loyalty or Eber?

If you’re only looking for a loyalty programme or system to reward your customers, then Eber is what you’re looking for.

But if you’re looking for an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution that’s directly integrated with your StoreHub POS system, then StoreHub Loyalty is exactly what your restaurant needs.

Apart from its more affordable price point, StoreHub Loyalty offers a full suite of features that support the customer journey from the beginning until the end. It lets you customise and offer promotions, collect customer data through multiple channels, access real-time data, and send automated SMSes in just a single platform.

On top of that, you get to enjoy 30+ more features with your StoreHub POS such as inventory management, staff management, multi-location management, and Webstore.

If you want to learn more, then watch the quick video below or book a FREE demo with us today!

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