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Server Migration Update

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Dear Valued Customers,

As per my email to all of you earlier today, we recently completed a migration of our tech infrastructure, moving our servers/database from a Hong Kong datacenter to the Amazon datacenter in Singapore. This is an important upgrade to ensure that we are able to keep a high level of availability and scale accordingly with all new feature updates. We’ve already noticed significant improvements in latency and speed (up to 40% improvement) for most people.

While this is encouraging to us, we are also aware that some of you have experienced difficulty on the StoreHub platform during this time. For those of you who would like a technical rundown of the current DNS issue, please read on…

As part of the migration, we needed to change our DNS name servers. This is the service that is responsible for converting the name of the domain (storehubhq.com) into the appropriate IP address. As such, some of you may experienced difficulty connecting to the StoreHub BackOffice and any server related activities on the StoreHub iPad app because you are still attempting to connect to the old IP address. This is normal with all DNS changes, and while we have tried our best to reduce the impact, there are many levels of caching (storing of the old IP Address) that happen at the Browser, Computer, Router/Local Network and even Internet Service Provider (ISP). Caching normally stores the old address for up to 24 hours (usually much less) before it attempts to get the new address. 

If you are having trouble with DNS, please try these steps to clear your local cache on your browser and computer. However, if the old IP address is being cached at your local network/router or ISP, then the only thing you can do is wait or try another device. In these situations, they will normally resolve themselves after 24-48 hours.

 We understand this may have an impact on your business, and once again we sincerely apologise for any disruptions this has caused. This move however, has been necessary and important for us to ensure even higher levels of service/availability in order for us to better serve you in the long term. Our team is on full alert to assist you if you need any DNS or any other help in this time so please feel free to reach out.

Thank you for your patience and all your support always.

In your service,
Wai Hong

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