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3 BIG Reasons Why F&Bs Are Still Struggling To Hire

For months we’ve seen businesses across many sectors, especially in retail and F&B putting up “we’re hiring” posts on social media. But despite efforts to raise wages, manpower shortage is still a huge problem for many. In this blog, we break down some of the BIG reasons why this is still an ongoing issue, and how businesses like yours can still thrive. 

Lack of security in the industry

Over the many series of lockdowns and restrictions, former workers in retail and F&B have taken up new jobs as delivery riders. It provided them with the stability and flexibility that was lacking, which is why despite higher wages, many still refuse to return to their previous industries. 

Restriction in the movement of foreign workers 

While the government has lifted the fee on foreign workers’ intake, ongoing restrictions still impose a problem for foreign workers entering the country. For instance, the HR ministry temporarily suspended the recruitment applications on 1-15 June and 15-18 August to review the application procedures according to amendments to the employment acts. This could be a factor as to why foreign workers are coming in at a slower rate.

Work expectations of the younger generation have changed 

The younger generation today has different expectations of their workplace. Understandably, they’re more keen on a flexible work environment. The work-from-home model unfortunately does not apply to F&B, and many are turning to corporate for flexibility and stability. 

So…how can businesses like yours tackle manpower shortage?

With all the contributing factors above, how are businesses across the country addressing this? 

Limiting operational hours is one way to go about it, as less manpower is required. Another strategy we’re sure you’ve probably seen before is “hiring” robot waiters. Local eateries like mamaks have them too! 

Wondering if this is something that could help you? Check out our article on things you should know about robot waiters to decide what’s best for your business.

One thing we know for sure is that pen and paper no longer work, and going digital is more affordable than you think! Automation and self-help services, including QR orders, are becoming widely adopted by restaurants, and StoreHub’s QR Order & Pay allows you to operate with fewer staff by digitising the entire order and payment process whilst reducing queues at counters and improving order accuracies.

StoreHub QR Order & Pay also accepts all major payment methods including e-wallets, online transfers, credit and debit cards, and now with Pay at Counter – cash. Business owners like you can also utilise this solution to improve customer retention by reaching out to their customers with promotions, cashback, and more.

It’s a tough world out there. But we’re tougher. Improve your F&B operations flow with StoreHub’s QR Order & Pay feature today!

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