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Franchise POS

StoreHub Franchise Point of Sale helps make your multi-store business and franchise awesome.

manage your franchise with storehub pos

Protect your sanity

Scaling your business does not have to be hard. Wherever you are, keep an eye on all your stores.

protect your insanity with storehub franchise pos

Everything under one account. Track sales, inventory, and customers of all your stores at one go, or switch between stores with ease and speed

Divide and conquer. You don’t need to run a one-man show. Give your various store managers/franchisees controlled access to your BackOffice and let them run the show for you

Flexibility at your fingertips. Growing from one location to hundreds? Adding one hundred employees? No problem. This is how easy scaling your business should be with StoreHub Franchise POS

Manage your inventory, manage your business

Stock management is sometimes the life and death of a business with multiple stores. With StoreHub Franchise POS, we aim to give order back to an otherwise chaotic process.

Be warned. Track which items, in which store, are running low. Get notified to replenish stock when they diminish

Help your franchisees. One store has more stock than the other? Move your actual products within the stores in your account and keep track of it in the BackOffice

Stock up in no time. Minimize the reach time to your suppliers when you send a Purchase Order through your StoreHub BackOffice. When Warning Stock Levels have been set, StoreHub lets you know how many of each item to order to reach your Ideal Stock Level

keep everything within your radar with storehub franchise pos

Keep your customers coming back to your store

Customers are the essence of your business. Generate repeat sales and build customer loyalty by rewarding them with discounts, or offer store credits.

build customer loyalty by rewarding them

Customer profiles. Understand your customers by knowing when their last purchase was, total transactions made, and a wealth of other information generated by StoreHub Point of Sale when you tag customers to your transactions

Special pricing, for special people. With StoreHub’s Price Books feature, you can customize pricing for each store, and reward specific customer groups with automated discounts

Pay lower prices when you buy more. Reward customers with store credits for each product that they purchase. Customers can use the store credits they have accumulated as cash for their next purchase

What our customers are saying

Find out how StoreHub online Point of Sale software works for their business.

“With 30+ franchised outlets running across the country within 1 year, we love the fact that we can track sales data in real-time and know what is going on in each outlet, all at the convenience of a phone! StoreHub allows us to make smarter decisions based on data and numbers and that helps Sangkaya to scale the business together with our franchise partners confidently!”


John, CEO


“The biggest challenge as a franchisor is to oversee all 8 stores at once. StoreHub’s cloud-based Point of Sale helps us scale easily by allowing us to manage our sales, inventory, and CRM hassle-free under 1 account. With the powerful reporting features, we’re so glad to bid goodbye to the miserable days of documenting using Excel. StoreHub is truly a business life saver!”


Nazirul, Owner


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