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Join over 3,000+ businesses using StoreHub

Join over 3,000+ businesses
using StoreHub

StoreHub's simple, powerful POS system is transforming businesses like yours everywhere

  • Nelson's
    Tokyo Secret
    Madame Waffle
    Big Apple Donuts
    Juan Valdez
    Morning Wood
    Pie Face
    Podgy & the Banker
    Teh Tarik Place
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  • Shell Select
    Yankee Candle
    One Baby World
    Durian King
    Sifu FB Ads
    Haus of Vendor
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  • Joe's Barbershop
    Big Blue Taxi
    Rider's Garage
    The Laundry Place
    Avery Nails
    Pink Tattoos
    Aurora Auto Spa
    Cut and Paste Nail/Lash
    Wash Shoppe
    The Battery Shop
    Kingdom City
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They wrote their success stories with StoreHub

  • For me, a POS system must have 3 important characteristics: easy to set-up, easy to use and provide timely and useful information. StoreHub has exceeded my expectations in all three areas

    Elvin Wong
    Director of Yankee Candle

  • We from MEM Watches have been a happy StoreHub customer since our very first day. The system is easy to use and we always receive new feature updates which seek to improve our operations even further.

    Founder and CEO of MEM Watches

  • Since we've started using StoreHub as our cashiering system, we've had no problems with lags and glitches during peak hours. It is extremely user-friendly. We are able to keep ourselves updated with the detailed reports even if we are away from the store.

    Reuben, Marianne and Jared
    Co-founders of Morningwood

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