Your Website Success Checklist

A successful website launch is crucial, as it is the first impression of your brand to your website visitors. We know running a business is no easy task and often one may miss out on certain steps during a launch. This is why we came up with this simplified checklist for you to follow. 

Go through this checklist and you’ll be able to publish your awesome website in just a few clicks! Get started now.


Landing Page



1. Banner

  • Recommended dimensions (1440px * 420px)
  • Put up attractive banner images. Tell customers who you are & what your product is (best sellers/ new arrivals/ promotions)
  • Have a call-to-action text. Example: SHOP NEW ARRIVALS, ORDER NOW, CALL US NOW, etc.

2. Featured Product

  • Show a variety of products, best seller or new arrivals.


3. Social Media

  • Link to your social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.



Your Product Page

 1. Image Selection

  • Upload clear, hi-res and optimised images. (800px * 800px)
  • Different photo angles may be necessary for certain products you’re selling.

  • Show how your product looks like when worn or used.


 2. Product Description 

Tell customers what you’re selling i.e. material, sizing guide, & key benefits. See the reference beside.



Your Collection



Make sure your first collection tab is the largest, most money-making category. Example: “DRESSES” if you sell female clothing.

Suggestions For Collections You SHOULD Have: 

✓ General Product Categories
✓ New Arrival
✓ Last Chance
✓ Promotions


 Additional Pages 

1. About Us

A well-honed founding story connects your brand with customers, employees and even investors. Include a brief background of the founders, what your brand stands for, when it was founded and why. 

2. Contact Us 
Provide your customers with your Phone, Email, Facebook Chat, Whatsapp.

 3. FAQ + Shipping & Returns

Include a page that contains general information about your Payment Methods, Sizing Charts, Shipping Information, and Refund or Exchange Policy.

4. Terms & Conditions

To protect your website, company, and customers, you need to state your terms of use in clear, simple, and easily-understood language.  

Use this online generator, follow the instructions and generate your own.