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Tray Cafe: Staying Connected During MCO

How Tray Cafe stayed connected during mco

The F&B business is among the numerous industries that was severely impacted by the recent pandemic.

Now, with the sudden reintroduction of the 14-day (14th – 27th October 2020) Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) enforced on Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, F&B businesses must find new ways to survive this hurdle. 

The spike in COVID-19 cases has also influenced about 43.5% Malaysians to not dine in restaurants for the time being.

So the question is, will F&B businesses be able to sustain themselves without having a consistent stream of walk-in customers?  

For this reason, local F&B businesses have to explore different available options to continue running their business and stay connected with their existing customers. 

According to Mastercard Impact study, 50% of Malaysians are now opting for home delivery of food and groceries.

Tray cafe, however, was able to thrive during MCO just by doing one thing right. 

Enabling Beep Delivery through StoreHub BackOffice 

Watch Tray Cafe’s story here! 

Serving food we want to eat 

Tray cafe beep delivery

“Business has not been the same ever since the Movement Control Order (MCO)”  – Victor Yap, Tray Cafe Founder

Tray Cafe, a small yet cosy cafe situated in Plaza Damas, Kuala Lumpur, is the perfect spot for brunch with family and friends! 

Founded by three friends (Victor Yap, Dinesh Rao and Allison Wong), the cafe started out as a place that served food the trio simply wanted to eat!

None of them had been in the F&B industry before: Victor was a civil engineer for 11 years, Dinesh was in human resources, while Allison was a banking executive.

Victor developed a passion for fine food while dining out when he worked in London; Dinesh said he enjoyed the process of cooking more than anything; and Allison’s mother was a home baker so she helped in the kitchen growing up.

After operating for more than 7 years, Tray Cafe is now well-known for having more than 27 choices of cake in their menu!

What’s their secret to a successful business journey? 

Keeping things simple and giving their customers what they themselves would want. 

Here are some of our Tray Cafe recommendations: 

  • Farmer’s Skillet
  • Australian Roast Rib-eye Sandwich 
  • Belgian Chocolate Truffle Trote
  • Orange Clementine Cake 

Order from Tray Cafe now: traycafe.beepit.com

Road to reconnecting with regulars

Tray Cafe Plaza Damas Victor Yap

“It was really a means of letting our regulars have the option of having our food delivered to their homes.” – Victor Yap, Tray Cafe Founder

The ‘New Normal’ era initiated by the COVID-19 pandemic is changing industries one by one, and the F&B ecosystem is not excluded from the unavoidable change.

Tray Cafe, with zero food delivery experience, was driven to reach out to their regular customers during this challenging time by activating their Beep Delivery feature which is linked to StoreHub’s POS system

Upon enabling the Beep Delivery feature, Tray Cafe was able to:

1. Run their business as usual

2. Receive online orders from their customers 

3. Deliver orders to customers without hassle

How can your business can benefit from Beep Delivery?

Beep Delivery is a feature which existing merchants can enable through their BackOffice, and start running their own food delivery service. 

Once you’ve enabled the Beep Delivery feature, you can set up your online menu.

Subsequently, you’ll receive a direct store link like this: traycafe.beepit.com

Share this link or let people discover your restaurant through the newly launched Beep app or the Beepit.com.

Beep Delivery comes with fully integrated logistics options, saving you the struggles of finding riders for your orders!

Delivery partners include Lalamove, GoGet, Teleport and more.

What’s more?

With Beep Delivery you can also: 

  • Operate and manage delivery and in-store orders 
  • Collect and view customer info 
  • Receive sales report so you can make better business decisions

Power your F&B business with StoreHub!

StoreHub 2020 full hardware and offering set Beep Delivery ecommerce food delivery table ordering system QR point of sale POS system

Click here to enable food delivery for your F&B business now!

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