StoreHub Pay: Malaysia’s First Chip & PIN mPOS Terminal

We’re back with exciting news – merchants and retailers can now experience an AWESOME and seamless checkout process with StoreHub Pay!
We have partnered with GHL Systems Bhd, a public-listed payments company to offer an integrated POS/card payments solution to merchants in Malaysia.

All-in-One Convenience
StoreHub Pay takes the pain out of processing card payments by offering a secure Bluetooth Chip & PIN card reader, which has been integrated seamlessly into the StoreHub iPad Point of Sale App.

This means that merchants can process credit and debit card payments within the StoreHub POS App without having to navigate to a different payments app or to manually key in transaction prices on a separate credit card terminal, avoiding mistakes and errors. Oh, the efficiency and convenience!


Accepting credit cards doesn’t have to be complicated anymore
Major banks are currently charging RM30 – RM85 per month for terminals and are not being transparent about rates, usually only disclosing them after the entire application is complete. Banks will also typically take 1 – 3 months to process the application.

It’s complicated and frustrating! We understand.

That’s why we are offering simple and transparent rates to all customers – 1.9% for Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard) and 1.2% for Debit Card (MyDebit/MEPS/ATM cards). There are zero monthly payments, no lockdown contract and no hidden fees, just a one-off purchase of the card reader at RM300.
Retailers and merchants can also expect a quick and hassle-free approval process. This enables businesses to start accepting card payments with StoreHub Pay in as soon as 2 weeks upon complete submission of documents!

How is StoreHub Pay relevant to the current Malaysian market?
By 1st January 2017, Bank Negara will make Chip & PIN credit card processing mandatory. This renders all existing mPOS terminals in the market redundant and in need of replacement at a high cost.

StoreHub Pay offers a Bluetooth card reader that comes with a PIN pad that is Chip & PIN ready.

Merchants are also able to process bank cards or Malaysian Electronic Payment System (MEPS) transactions, including older cards that don’t have chips on them. It’s also the first Chip & PIN ready mPOS terminal in the Malaysian market!

Leverage the power of consumers
Attract even more customers and drive in revenue, simply by accepting card payments at your storefront. Combined with lucrative pricing and promotions, you can encourage your customers to spend more than the cash available in their wallets!

With StoreHub Pay, you can pay lower fees and tap into the 30 million debit card holders in Malaysia. 30 million!

Here’s what F&B business “The Krua” has to say about StoreHub Pay:

“The StoreHub iPad POS offers a great mobile checkout process that allows customers to pay directly from their table. StoreHub Pay is excellent as it enables us to accept credit and debit cards without going through a separate payment terminal! Having this convenient innovation allows us to focus on providing the perfect culinary experience.” – Bernard and Anne, Co-owners of The Krua

Usually, card readers will be charged at RM300 once off. However for the first 500 merchants that sign up, StoreHub will be giving these away for FREE.

It’s easy to get started with StoreHub Pay. Here’s what you need to do.
Fill out the form here and we’ll be in touch with you with more information and guide you through the process.

Already have a StoreHub account?
Let us know via the live chat below or from your BackOffice. You can also give us a buzz at 03-2035 5815 or email

*StoreHub Pay is currently available only in Malaysia.

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