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Conditional MCO: 2 Things F&B Businesses Need For The ‘New Normal’ In Malaysia

Malaysia Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, announced that almost all economic sectors and business activities can resume operations under a conditional MCO (Movement Control Order), starting 4 May 2020. 

What does the conditional MCO mean for F&B businesses in Malaysia?


It means that you can actually reopen your outlet on 4 May 2020!

We bet all you cafe and restaurants owners are raring to go.

But before you reopen your outlet, be sure to follow the conditional MCO SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for cafes and restaurants that was set by the Malaysian government: 

  1. Table distancing – 2 meters between tables
  2. Social distancing – 1 meter at payment counter
  3. Customer/guest name and contact number collection – for contact tracing
  4. Face masks for workers
  5. Body temperature scanning – staff and customers that enter your outlet
  6. Disinfection and cleaning of outlet – 3 times a day
  7. Hand sanitiser and soap must be provided at payment counters and sinks

So does this mean that things will go back to normal after this?

Definitely not.

Consumer behaviour has changed.

And the government has made these recommendations for F&Bs for the new normal:

  • contactless ordering
  • contactless payment
  • delivery and takeaway instead of dine-in
  • social distancing

Running a contactless F&B business for the new normal

Not everyone will be comfortable with going out or coming into close contact with people so soon.

Touching things that other people outside have touched will also be a big no-no.

So here are two things that every F&B business should offer:

  1. Contactless payment and ordering for walk-in/dine-customers
  2. Food delivery

Why offer both?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases are still being reported.

So health and safety come first.

And when you can offer both food delivery and contactless payment and ordering options, you give your customers more safe choices to buy from you.

This helps increase your chance of getting more sales during this time so your business can survive.

Hand scanning Beep Order table ordering system QR code menu pay StoreHub POS system

Contactless payment and ordering can be done via a QR order and pay system.

Benefits of QR order and pay:

  • Customers and staff can avoid touching menus, bills, and receipts
  • Automated and easier way of collecting and tracking customer names and phone numbers for contact tracing and customer loyalty program
  • Cashless and contactless payment
  • Reduced contact between customer and staff
  • Less back and forth movement between tables and kitchen
  • Faster and smoother ordering and payment process

And let’s not forget about food delivery.

Benefits of food delivery:

  • Customers can order from the comfort of their home
  • Reduced human activity in your outlet
  • Ability to serve customers that can’t travel to your outlet

Put these two together, and you get to maintain the safety of your customers and staff AND generate sales for your cafe or restaurant.

People will definitely appreciate your efforts and show you the support you need in these challenging times.

How to run food delivery AND QR order and pay from the same platform

So now you’ve decided to quickly implement food delivery AND a QR ordering system.

What about the cost?

And the setup?

If done separately, they’re not cheap and will take double the time and work to setup as well.

BUT, this isn’t the case, IF you have a fully integrated POS system that lets you do everything in one platform, like StoreHub, for example.

The StoreHub business operating system gives you everything you need for your F&B business:

  • POS software
  • inventory/employee/customer/supplier management
  • real-time data and sales reports
  • Beep QR Order – QR order and pay
  • Beep Cashback – QR cashback loyalty program
  • Beep Delivery – food delivery feature 

So with the right system, you can run both food delivery and a QR ordering system at an affordable price and with less hassle.

How StoreHub helps your F&B business during the conditional MCO:

  • Walk-in/dine-in customers can view your menu, order and pay by scanning a QR code – all CONTACTLESS
  • Helps you automatically collect dine-in customer name and contact number during the QR order and pay process (for your own customer data collection and the government’s COVID-19 contact tracing efforts)
  • Gives you an e-menu so customers can order and pay online and pickup food from your restaurant
  • Lets you enable your own food delivery service at a heavily subsidised commission fee of only 2% vs. other major food delivery partner commission fees of up to 35%

Use Beep Order by StoreHub to power QR order and pay

Beep Order is a QR order and pay feature in the StoreHub system for F&B businesses.

When you enable Beep Order in your StoreHub BackOffice, you will get a QR code that you can print and put in any collateral.

Your customer can then:

  • Scan your Beep Order QR code on the table/standee/counter
  • Browse your menu and select items to order
  • Review their order and make payment using their preferred payment method (online banking, credit/debit card, ewallet)

Easy right?

Orders will be instantly sent to your StoreHub POS system once they have been successfully made and paid for – yay for reduced order errors and human contact!

Using Beep Order during this conditional MCO will help your F&B business:

  • Collect customer names and phone numbers (this happens during the payment process – SMS OTP)
  • Safely take orders through contactless means
  • Go 100% cashless as recommended by the government

Already a StoreHub merchant?
Just fill up this super easy form and we’ll get you onboarded to Beep Order ASAP!

Not a StoreHub merchant?

Want to enable QR order and pay to serve your customers safely?

Run your own food delivery service with Beep Delivery by StoreHub

Beep Delivery food delivery feature F&B cafe restaurant SME StoreHub point of sale POS system

Beep Delivery is a food delivery service that both you and your customers will love!

This feature will basically enable you to run food delivery on your own without depending on food delivery marketplaces. 

Here’s how it works…

When F&B businesses sign up for Beep Delivery, they’ll be provided with their own website link that they can send to customers.

Your customer will then be able to use the link to:

  1. Choose between delivery and self-pickup
  2. Browse the menu and order
  3. Key in their delivery address and details
  4. Pay via credit card, online banking, or ewallet
  5. Receive their food & enjoy!

You can check out a quick demo video to see how it works here:

So, is your F&B business ready for the new normal?

These are going to be exciting new times.

But not everyone will thrive.

It will all come down to how fast you can adapt to the new normal.

So be sure to prepare your cafe/restaurant as best you can and never stop evolving.

Stay safe out there!

YeeLin Thum

Yee Lin is a content creator at StoreHub. When she isn't connecting business owners with knowledge that will help them make their businesses awesome, she is contemplating the makings of the universe at local food stalls.